The only cloud  payroll technology  that covers your  end-to-end needs. Solutio is not only your complete payroll solutions provider — it can also support and empower your stategic decision making processes.

From lead generation to implementing new fast-tracked legislative changes – everything is covered – governance and compliance, operational performance and business insights.

About the Product

Feature-rich, but not at the
expense of simplicity

Our bespoke user-friendly
architecture and logic-based
workflow outperforms other
complex and clunky
payroll applications.

Workflow & Task Management

Refine your business workflow using Solutio’s highly intuitive user-interface. From onboarding new employees through to payroll and CRM, it’s all included in a single, user-friendly platform.

Payroll Reporting and Compliance

Futureproof your payroll operations and reporting procedures against new reporting criteria, and all without the need for expensive annual software upgrades.

Real-Time Analytics on Financials and Operations

Our dashboard interface provides a live feed of real-time business information and analytics. Combine this with a full general ledger accounting capability and audit trail, and you have the most comprehensive decision-guiding tool available in the market.

Outsourcing and Business Process Management

Solutio’s cost effective outsourcing capability removes many of the glass-ceilings and barriers normally associated with starting and growing your payroll operations.

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